21 March 2012

Special Offer: Fage Total Muppet

The ever-expanding Evangelos Venizelos ran unopposed in the leadership race of ever-shrinking PASOK party on Sunday.  PASOK is for all purposes financially bankrupt with 120 million euros of debt and staff unpaid for months. Voters were required to pay 2 euros (see Veni, vidi, vici). Some chose to spend their 2 euros more wisely (Frustrated Pensioner Hurls Yogurt At FinMin Venizelos - "I came, I saw, I got splattered").

Get the two for one Venizelos+Fage yogurt. Buy now!
Product Update: Greek dairy company FAGED introduces it's new Total(itarian) yogurt. A velvety rich yogurt. Now with even bigger chunks of raspberries and repression.

Importance Notice (24.01.15)
Due to customer complaints this yogurt has now been removedInspectors confirm there were problems with improper cleaning at the plant, but say the yogurt contained only mold. Health officials say there nothing to worry about as they don't eat it. It only affects people with normal immune systems. They were keen to stress that it did not damage the operation of the plant."Though it can make people very sick, it did not damage machinery and therefore there is no reason to stop production. 
The matter is now being referred to the European Court of Justice. One elected official complaint "They are not abiding agreed rules. It sets a bad example.. Its a question of moral hazard. It means that other customers can get away with not eating it. What do I tell my voters?"

Total muppet Book offer (Why I Am Leaving - Goldman Sachs' “muppet" clients). 

Introducing  "Muppet-O-nomics for Dummies" - International Muppet Fund 2012 

The International Muppet Fund 2012 update includes a foreword by Venizelos

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