18 October 2012

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Euroland Check List 

1) Pass toxic debts on to households (✔)

2) Save Zombie financial institutions  (✔)  

3) Buy time for the capital mobile to escape (✔)

4) Currency overlords to enforce payment on those who can't ship money out (in progress -  Germany shocks EU with fiscal overlord demand)

5) Protest  -   encourage infighting (North/South, Greeks, German, garlic, migrants) (✔) and blame the alien next door (✔) Local media (✔). 

6) Compensate for bad investment decisions (in fact don't mention them) by lowering wages  (✔) and

7) Export led growth to the alien next door  ( Newly discovered planet is just 4.4 light-years  ).

8)  EZ implodes. Neo-nazis try to take over but Eurocrats save the day with the EZ superstate ( Progress (?) Risky, but they want a superstate too ).

8b) EZ unrest (IMF riot variation).  Peace-keeper role -  expelled rowdy non- complying members (nearly there).

9) Members say "we are not Greece" (✔)  & sign up for the Super State. Blame populism and democracy for the crisis and praise Technocrats for restoring order .....

10) and launch to loud cheers,  Le Grand European Investment plan - the ESA's mission to Mars.

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